ASEAN Cambodia 2022

Cambodia is officially ASEAN Chair for the whole year of 2022!

- Our theme: ASEAN A.C.T.: “Addressing Challenges Together”

- Our logo: The traditional design of lotus flower embodies the glory and harmony of peace sustained by all 10 ASEAN Member States, with the three colours on its leaves are derived from the three colours of Cambodian flag, whereas the gold touch represents the colour and diversity of ASEAN.

- Our core spirit: Togetherness, solidarity and harmony!

- Our key objectives: To maintain ASEAN centrality and unity, collectively address common challenges, ensure continuity of our works, and uphold a human-centred approach.

- Our deliverables: Ranging from Joint and Leaders’ Statements to renewal of Work Plan and Plan of Action as well as hosting of all major side-events and activities.

We are ready for this responsibility and we will fulfil this role with pride!

Lecture by H.E. Deputy Prime Minister Prak Sokhonn:

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