Cambodia and U.S. to Continue Cooperation in Health Sector

His Excellency CHUM Sounry, Secretary of State of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation (MFA.IC), and Dr. Mandy Cohen, Director of U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), placed the emphasis on on-going cooperation and ways forward to improve cooperation between Cambodia and the United States in health sector in a meeting held at the Ministry on 08 February 2024.

Noting the increasing United States’ cooperation and engagement, His Excellency Secretary of State appreciated the contribution made by the US CDC since the establishment of its office in Cambodia in 2020 in strengthening the Cambodia’s health sector as well as in combatting HIV/AIDS, Covid-19 and all kind of contagious disease. He also thanked the US CDC for its financial contribution provided through the Ministry of Health and expressed his pleasure with the increasing cooperation between the Ministry of Health and Pfizer company.

The Secretary of State recalled with appreciation the announcement by USAID last November of its US$35 million “Enhancing Quality of Healthcare Activity II (EQHAII) to continue supporting Cambodia’s efforts to improve the quality of health services. 

Expressing her thanks to the Royal Government of Cambodia for supporting the CDC’s mission over the past years, Dr. Mandy Cohen pledged to make further efforts in collaboration with the Royal Government of Cambodia, especially the Ministry of Health to mainstream its on-going activities with the Pentagonal Strategy in the field of health so as to provide better health care to the Cambodian people. Dr. Mandy also commended Cambodia for its successes in fighting against the Covid-19 during the hard time.  
Secretary of State CHUM Sounry assured the delegation of the MFA.IC’s readiness to arrange and facilitate the working relations between the Ministry of Health and the US CDC. 

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